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Frady Tree Care is a third generation CERTIFIED and FULLY INSURED arboriculture firm with over 100 years experience in our professional field. Our employees are highly skilled and professionally trained in all areas of the tree service and land management industry. Frady Tree Care is a proud member of the Tree Care Industry Association and International Society of Arboriculture. We are dedicated to the environmentally safe approach of tree care and land management using only proper pruning techniques, fertilization, insect control, and tree removal, when necessary, to improve the health, safety, and overall appearance of your property.
Tree Removal
In all cases, tree removal should be handled by the reputable professionals of Frady Tree Care We follow the standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture to ensure that each job runs safely and efficiently. Frady Tree Care has up-to-date equipment, experience, and the expertise to remove any tree in any situation. Tree Removal is recommended only when the tree is dead or dying, hazardous, causing obstruction, when new construction is involved, or when a replacement of a more suitable specimen is needed.
Tree Pruning
Frady Tree Care uses pruning methods such as Drop Crotch Pruning, Cosmetic, and Hygienic to improve the natural shape of the trees. Dead, diseased, and broken wood can be removed at any time of year. However, for general pruning the best time is in late winter or early spring just before growth begins.
Stump Removal
Removing unwanted stumps by grinding method enhances the appearance of your landscape. Frady Tree Care will grind stumps well below grade, remove mulch, add dirt back into the hole, and reseed the area at your discretion.
Hazardous Removal
Trees have a natural growth curve. Eventually, trees reach their genetic potential and at some point are affected by a number of damaging factors. Trees or parts of trees may fall causing personal or property damage. To determine if a tree is hazardous, call Frady Tree Care

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