Tree Health Services

A Healthy Tree is a Happy Tree

Trees are important in our lives as they are vital natural resources in our communities, homes, and yards. Trees shade our homes and streets and beautify our landscape and cities. Trees are effective in cooling urban areas, using carbon dioxide from the air, reducing water runoff and soil erosion, and improving our environment overall.

Unfortunately, trees that grow in urban settings don’t live as long as they would in a forest. While most trees can live for hundreds of years, trees in the city only live for about 32 years. 

Our trees perform so poorly because of the harsh and unnatural environment they’re living in. On top of that, any tree care services put in place are reactive, rather than proactive. Since trees are whole systems, one part of the tree can affect all the others, which means any sign of disease or distress will spread. Providing long-term, proactive care can help the tree defend itself and improve its health and longevity. 

5 Things We Do For Tree Health:

  • Mulching - Mulching can have a lot of health benefits for your trees. This material is placed on the soil surface to help improve soil structure, oxygen levels, temperature, and moisture availability. Mulch can give a landscape a well-groomed look. If mulch is not applied properly, it can cause harm to trees and other plants. 
  • Fertilization - Fertilizer can be applied seasonally, and based on your tree’s needs, age, diseases, health, location, and weather conditions. 
  • Pruning - Pruning helps the tree stay strong and form into a more desirable shape. This technique maintains the health of your trees with several methods of pruning: crown elevation, crown cleaning, crown restoration, and more. Our experts will do a free site visit and explain a plan that is best for your trees. 
  • Protect the Tree’s CRZ - the critical root zone is an extremely important part of the tree that needs to be protected and maintained. This is the area under a tree that runs out to its dripline. Improving the conditions of this area can add major health benefits to your tree.
  • Disease and Insect Control - Diseases and pests can attack your trees—sometimes without you realizing it. Don’t wait until it’s too late; control them in a timely manner. We can create pest management programs to get your tree back to a healthier state. 
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